#GHANF is born


I am so pleased to announce a wonderful new charity that have founded called GHANF. (Global Humanity Animal & Nature Foundation). It will provide help to a wide range of issues that people are dealing with. The charity will also protection and help to animal welfare and environmental issues too. I have always wanted to make a difference and i suppose i have in the passed, fundraising for other charities in the passed and raising around £2,000 in the last few years. But i have always wanted to make a bigger difference in a way i can control how things are done in the way i feel in my heart. I am under no illusion and understand how much hard work i will need to put into this but im ready, im willing to do all i can to give others a chance to live in peace and have a brighter future. Sure i don’t have a lot of money or possessions but i sure as hell know that i have a lot of what some people don’t have. I will firstly put my own money into the charity to kick start it and it wont be a lot of cash but its better than nothing. I have big plans but i know i have to start off small but as long its helps someone or something then i will be very thrilled. Im just grateful that at last i have found what iv been looking for, and that is to use myself in a charitable way so others can gain so much more through my work. I love all people, all animals all natures beautiful creations and i want to help protect and support it. My first projects will be having a weekly food kitchen group for people who are lonely or have no food at home. I also want to open a food bank and then maybe a service for the elderly or provide grants for children to attend drama classes who otherwise would never be able to afford it. In later years id like to build shelters for the homeless and provide all sorts of much needed equipment all over the world. I have big plans and i will make it happen. I want to make a difference. Support #GHANF Thanks.

South Sudan Crisis

South Sudan, A place one well remembered for its wide traveling freedoms and cattle keeping and trading cattle to help raise there beloved family’s. Now it is facing famine on the highest level. My heart brakes so much for the people of Sudan, I wish i was there right now to be able to help doing something. Id like to be able to set up a pop up kitchen or a food camp, Anything to help these beautiful people.


South Sudan is acknowledged to have some of the worst health indicators in the world, More than 90% of the population of South Sudan live on less than $1 a day. When i look at a place such as this one i feel extremely luck to have the life i have. It puts everything into perspective for me and i feel so much emotion and powerlessness for the Sudan people.

I just wonder how dire can the situation get until the international powers will do something about it.  In my country (UK) i know many people who will say, well why should we help them lot, why should we?, whats the point?. Well to me there is every point, first off we are talking about human beings, people just like me and you, We are all part of this world and should always think about peoples needs especially those who will suffer from famine. I have deep resentment for (not the people them self’s) but for there feelings in that they think all aid funds should go directly to there own country before anyone else even if place like the UK are a trillion times better off than places like South Sudan. Its very remarkable that people feel like this. 7.3 Million people are at risk of famine by December 2014, This is catastrophic situation and im deeply worried about how many children and family’s will die through this tragic emergency. 

Please read the latest UN Crisis Response Plan – http://reliefweb.int/sites/reliefweb.int/files/resources/0_CRP-South-Sudan_Update-May-2014.pdf

I do not pretend to have the most best knowledge of the country or situation but im very sure i understand the impact it will have on the people and the country on a whole. So many family’s displaced, dying, frighted, lost and helpless…. it is just a poor displeasing time for our friends and people of this world. How is it possible this can go on when i have just had a worm shower, breakfast and sit down writing this on a comfortable bed, Its isn’t fair.


Please take a moment to look through these charity’s and give what you can, I will be doing this because i want to do anything i can to help fight famine.

Save the children – http://www.savethechildren.org.uk/where-we-work/africa/south-sudan

Care international – http://www.careinternational.org.uk/where-we-work/sudan

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


My Purpose in Life

ELGATO Film Productions
My Purpose in Life – is a story about a young boy who has lost his Grandfather. He lives with his Mum and Step-Dad and he is faced with an uncomfortable situation. The only place he can hide is the ruins of a building where his Grandfather used to take him.

We are a film production company here in the West of Scotland.

Written, Directed, Filmed & Edited by Alberth MG
Starring Daniel MG & Ian Kennedy
Assistant Producer M.K Law
Colourist Simon Lyell
Graphics by Angelica McHarrell

Follow Elgato – http://elgatofilmproductions.wordpress.com/

Novella – A Love Letter to Culture Clash (Album Review)

Welcome to the album review of the much anticipated Mosno Al Moseeki album (Novella – A Love Letter to Culture Clash).

Release date – 31st May 2014.


International singer/songwriter (Mosno Al Moseeki) Native of Sudan. He uses Arab-poetic lyrics, with a pentatonic influenced style of acoustic alternative rock. His song “No Kingdom” is featured in the first Sudanese/American short film “Faisal Goes West”, which premiered in Short Film Festivals in London, France, Italy, India, & Germany, all in 2013. And in 2014 that film opened up the first ever Sudan Independent Film Festival in Khartoum Sudan.


Best Track – (Land & Sea)

Must listen – (Lost the sun) & (Lucid)

Best lyrical line – (My heart is open for your wisdom)

Novella,Based on Mosno’s migration from Sudan to Baltimore (USA), The album is written as a Musical & Biographical sound to make it flow in a almost fairy tales direction, It is magical and soothing with beautiful instruments and vocals from many featured artists. The journey takes you through 24 tracks and the art work for the cover is special and creative. “best of” parts included the lovely Sahffi Lynne on vocals, More information for Sahffi can be seen at – http://www.sahffi.com/


I was lucky enough to hear this stunning inspirational album and i must say it takes you to some places in your mind, Gives you time to think, time to create, time to chill out with wonderful sounds and songs that really mean things and maybe many can relate to. If you would like to know more about this album to be released on 31st May 2014, Please look at the links below, Thanks






Bin Bin 10 year old boy beaten and lacerated (My reaction)


I was not looking forward to writing about this but i wanted to give this child a voice and others who no doubt will be suffering from evil people just like this boy’s step mother. Today i read a very heart breaking story about a ten year old boy in China who had been beaten day after day by his stop mother who was said to be extremely jealous of his relationship with his own father. The story i found was covered by The Daily Mail news online and reporter –  JULIAN ROBINSON. A  pupil at a primary school in Heyuan city in Guangdong province the pupil was asked by a concerned teacher (Thank god she asked questions) and has been said to have cried his little heart out and told all. I was on the way home on a bus reading this story and i was emotional and crying throughout my journey. Its very unpleasantly remarkable that in today’s time there are still people doing this kind of sick thing to our children. Yes people get jealous and offended by things in life but for a adult to do this to a child, a innocent child like Bin Bin, how can you look this child in the eye after doing this nasty horrid inhuman act. My heart wants to help, My mind wants to do more other than just write about him, id like to set up a fund of some kind to help him in life but i don’t have the contacts to reach this boy, So i just hope he will be getting the best care possible from now on, But i will try to find out if i can in any way help this boy. I can not imagine what this boy must be going through, what his thoughts are and how much he must be hurting both mentally and physically. His teacher Quiong Yang said: ‘He is such a sweet and kind little boy. It broke my heart when he recounted this tale of cruelty.’ To me the teacher who questioned the little boy may have very much saved his life. Very observant of her and a big credit of well done goes to the lady. I know allot of people reading this will want to do something so i will try my very hardest to find out if anything can be done to help him.

I have wrote a poem in Bin Bin’s honor,

“To the boy who’s broken and beaten, Its not your fault that your beauty wasn’t seen by the kindness beacon,

a life so pure forgot and bruised, The world read your story and we all are moved, Your story is out and now it stops, we hope you find love and your fear barrier drops, This will take time and we will wait, As long as you know we are always hear for you, we are your mate, You have life to live and now you can fly, Make a life for yourself..be happy…do not cry.”


Thank you for all who has read this, Take care.

Full article: http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=283361:boy-10-beaten-blue-black-by-wicked-stepmom-becomes-poster-boy-for-anti-domestic-violence&Itemid=4#ixzz31nheM41g

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2629370/Boy-10-beaten-black-blue-wicked-stepmother-poster-boy-anti-domestic-violence-campaigners-China.html#ixzz31nf5JYHy